The concept behind Assyrian Heritage sparked when Christine had the realization there was a dire need for cool tees representing the pride over two million Assyrians across the globe share. The vision behind the first collection was to channel such deep pride in the culture, history, triumphs as well as the desire to create awareness of today's plight back in our homeland through distinctive graphics on superb-quality tees.

The collection launched in 2007 after several years of experimenting with screen print techniques, searching for new trendy washes, and creating prints in tune with the current fashion trends. The garments were then chosen for their super-soft touch, bold colors, and fitted silhouettes. They were then screen printed with distressed prints incorporating Assyrian icons, the national flag, and Assyrian typography. Each garment exudes the utmost care and passion for detail, craftsmanship, and an individualistic look.

Assyrian Heritage continues to push boundaries with mixing the ancient with the new for an exciting look unseen by other brands. Representing the Assyrian spirit has generated effervescence and buzz across many borders. With its commitment to translate a dynamic heritage graphically and its motivation to offer only the best quality garments, Assyrian Heritage delivers a hand-crafted approach to express majestic Assyrian pride. Christine also created the collection to serve as a vehicle to support various Assyrian causes with partial proceeds from sales. Its mission is to provide aid to those in need, promote higher education amongst the youth as well as the arts in our community. Through her work with the Assyrian American Association of Southern California, Assyrian American National Federation, and the evolution of Assyrian Heritage Tees; Christine has only just begun her journey of endless possibilities to better the conditions of the Assyrians back in the homeland.

"The Soul of Assyria is Spiritual through and through, and not Material, and that which is Spiritual is Co-existent with Eternity." David B. Perely

"The term Assyrian is one single unity. The approach of this oneness of all Assyrians regardless of their religious adherence, is through the avenue of blood, and through the majesty of common memories. Religion is a faith acquired and is changeable. Nationality is one's flesh and blood; it is his total nature. Even death cannot undo this." David Barsum Perley